I have been making and perfecting handmade soap for more than 25 years at my home here in LaSalle, Colorado. Every bar of soap has olive, palm, and coconut oils, as well as other moisturizing oils.  For those amazing scents, essential oils are used whenever possible; some soaps include high quality fragrance oils from suppliers I trust. Value and luxury are my priorities. Each bar is hand-cut and individually wrapped….bar size varies from 5.5 oz. to 7 oz., nearly twice the size of commercial soaps.  If you have never used handmade soap, this is the soap to try because I have decades of experience creating soaps that feel good, smell heavenly, and are a great value for you!

All soap is listed at $4.75 per bar, but you may also choose to save a little by purchasing 4 bars/$18.00.  All tax is included in the price of my items.

I also make other products to pamper and relax you. On my site you will see lavender neck boas and body packs to heat in the microwave, eye pillows, bath salts, sugar scrub, and for the first time this year I am making high-quality masks to help protect you and those around you.

This virtual craft show operates like this:  you shop to find the items you want. Then email me or call me telling me the items you would like. Next we arrange how to meet to get your order to you. You pay me at that time. I can also ship if you would like, but shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Thank you for your interest in Victoria’s Soap!