Welcome to Moondance Alpaca Ranch! I have selected some of my favorite items to share in this online craft fair, but you are welcome to visit my website for additional items. www.moondancealpacas.com

I accept credit card payments via Paypal, and Venmo. I live in the mountains Southwest of Denver and not easy to find. If you would like to meet in the Littleton area, I usually go into town once or twice a week (Tuesday or Friday preferred). I will be following suggested guidelines and restrictions regarding Covid-19. I will be cleaning surfaces often and wearing a mask. I would ask you to please also wear a mask if I schedule a meeting with you. Thank you!

Moondance Alpaca Ranch is located on 35 acres in the foothills of beautiful Littleton, Colorado. Alicia and her husband raise alpacas for their incredible fiber, then Alicia designs and produces exquisite felted products from it. Alicia loves to make beautiful things and also works in other media like ceramics and jewelry making. Moondance Alpaca Ranch is a company that strongly believes in using natural recourses to create artistic, functional goods with exceptional craftsmanship. 

MoondanceAlpacas.com is your source for artistically designed, carefully crafted, and unique alpaca garments, accessories, wall art and jewelry. If you like what you see and want to learn the art of felting for yourself, Alicia also enjoys teaching others the craft as well.

We are in the business of raising happy alpacas and making the best hand felted products possible from their fiber. Original designs by Alicia Marshall. To place your order call Alicia @ 720-635-3914 or send her an email at moondancealpacas@gmail.com.  If you would like to have an original art piece designed and made specific to your vision, Alicia would be happy to work with you to create something you will cherish for years to come.