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I make one of a kind, unique pieces of jewelry. I love the process of creating and can’t imagine my life without it. 

After retiring I knew I had to find my own voice and create from my heart.

Nature came to me as the internal voice to make beautiful things. I looked at nature with a different perspective.

Instead of looking at a bird’s feather as just a beautiful, delicate, colorful part of a bird, I want people to REALLY see it. Not as a “feather” but a beautiful part of nature that can be worn and treasured with its unique fibers and colors.  I take this approach with sea shells, pebbles, sea glass, and other pieces of nature that I’m drawn to.

My work is slowly created as my internal voice speaks to me. It’s developed as a one of a kind, never again to be duplicated piece of jewelry. My inspiration comes from nature. I hope it speaks to you as well.

Lori Finney-Bonial

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