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Good Medicine Sheep Ranch

Good Medicine Sheep Ranch (www.goodmedicinesheepranch.com)  is a small family operation in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our free-range sheep are raised on mountain pastures and local hay. We practice sustainable agriculture, supporting wildlife and the environment while having high animal welfare standards. The flock is mixed rambouillet/corriedale and the ewes produce our fine quality wool which can be worn next to the skin and has excellent felting properties. All of our unique woolen products come from and are made on our farm.

Doing it ourselves as much as possible is central to our production processes. Our milled raw wool is spun into natural yarns in hues of white, brown, grey and black which are hand dyed with environmentally safe dyes. Each felted hat and reVision Handbag is unique. The handbags are created from upcycled thrift store silk, leather and fixtures. It is all done from our home in time-honored hand processes.  See our full range of fine products: yarns, batting and roving, hides and custom made hats, and handbags.